2016-03 Christchurch to Queenstown

765kms of cycling up and down 5,223m of hills in 9 days. Bruce Bay, Westland, New Zealand It is fitting that this is the first entry in this blog, as it was the trip that transformed my approach to cycling. Originally planned at New Zealand Part 2 - South Island,... Read more →

Day 1 - Christchurch Airport to Springfield 69.4kms.

The Air New Zealand flight landed at Christchurch at 1:30pm on the Friday. I had already emailed the airport beforehand, to ask how to dispose of my bike box. Their response was an indication of the welcome cyclists are given in New Zealand, and contrasts markedly with the New South... Read more →

Day 4 - Hokitika to Hari Hari 70kms.

It had rained all night, and the morning looked dark. I didn't want to cycle in the rain without some lights. This West coast road was the only one for anyone travelling any distance, so I could expect quite a bit of traffic. Fortunately Hokitika has a pretty good cycle... Read more →

Day 6 - Fox Glacier to Haast 122kms

When you wake up and see this from your bedroom window, you know you did some good in a previous life. I got up early, showered and packed and headed out to get some breakfast. I decided to have breakfast in the restaurant where 12 hours earlier I had dined... Read more →

Day 9 - Wanaka to Queenstown 88 kms

Having had at nice breakfast with Jude and left her with an awkward hug, I headed off. This was my last day on the bike, and by this stage in my journey, I wasn't really thinking about the cycling. Instead I was thinking much more about people and places. Jude... Read more →