Day 4 - Hokitika to Hari Hari 70kms.
Day 6 - Fox Glacier to Haast 122kms

Day 5 - Hari Hari to Fox Glacier 88kms

I left my little piece of the middle ages at quite an early hour. It was light, I was awake, I'd finished cleaning up, and it wasn't raining. I cycled to the general store I'd used the previous day and got myself a coffee. While I drank the coffee I caught up on world events via the in-store WiFi service. I hadn't missed much. I got back on my bike and headed off towards Fox Glacier. 

I knew that Fox Glacier was one of the places where I'd booked a backpackers style residence. Maybe a private room, but shared facilities. I made up my mind that I'd try to get an upgrade when I reached the place. There was nothing online, but maybe a cancellation had freed up one of those precious rooms with a nice en-suite.


I reached Franz Josef for an early lunch at a very civilised pace, then headed on for the Fox!


There is a fair bit of climbing between Franz Josef and Fox Glacier, but this is day 5 and at some point you get fit enough or determined enough to push through whatever comes along. You aren't going to cycle back, that it probably further to ride, and a bit of an admission of defeat, plus you can just cycle slower if you find it tough.

That was the mentality you acquire at some point, and today was my moment.


I pulled into Fox Glacier at about 3pm, checking-in time. I went to the hotel that the backpackers was attached to, and prepared to plead. I'd staying in a wilderness retreat for goodness sake, I must deserve something better tonight. I was in luck, they had one room which they normally never let out as it was above the kitchen and noisy, and maybe smelly (I thought). It was about the same price as the backpackers, which was cheaper than my bit of wilderness the previous night. So I was 'made up' with it. 

It turned out that the kitchen staff seemed to party until quite late after they finished serving food, but I didn't care.

I dined out on pizza and a glass of red wine. Tomorrow would be a long day, my longest, so I'd need an early start.


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