Day 2 - Springfield to Bealey 72.4kms
Day 4 - Hokitika to Hari Hari 70kms.

Day 3 - Bealey to Hokitika 110kms

 My plan today was to start early and do a bit of climbing before breakfast. The Bealey Hotel wouldn't open early, so my best bet was to get to Arthur's Pass and get breakfast. 


 So that is what I did. It was dark when I got up and retrieved my bike from the hotel garage. But I didn't want to start in the dark as my rear light was not working. It turned out to be my only gear failure on the whole trip. I threw it away as soon as I realised that it wasn't the batteries.

After a 12kms climb up to Arthur's Pass, which took about an hour. I got breakfast and then headed up to the top of the pass. 


It was getting cold now, and starting to rain, and I was facing a long downhill ride. So decided to put all my gear on and head off. Making good time to Kumara Junction, I stopped for an ice cream and a chat to two locals about the referendum on the New Zealand flag, and carried on.


Kumara junction is one of what must be a very few places where the town roundabout is shared with a railway line. I was now well and truly in the Westland district of New Zealand. The skies were threatening rain, and it was a threat they carried out. By the time I reached tonight's accommodation in Hokitika I was ready for some shelter. 



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