Day 9 - Wanaka to Queenstown 88 kms
Lithgow to Mittagong - Day 1

Day 10 - Flying home - wrap-up

As I said at the start of this journey, this trip has transformed my attitude to cycling. I have done several multi-day cycles in the past, mostly with others, and mostly supported by a vehicle. This was my first on my own and unassisted.  Somewhere on the way I stopped thinking about cycling as a challenge, stopped worrying about climbing and average speeds, cadence and heartrate, and started thinking about the places I was visiting and the people I was meeting.

Somehow, I started to feel that I was more of a traveller than a tourist. Cared more about the journey than the destination, and importantly, could see that this way of travelling would serve me very well in the future.

Since my return I have set about expanding my cycle tourism capability from lightweight credit card cycle touring on sealed roads, to being able to travel off-road, camp and cook for myself. This was the simplest start to ease my way into future adventures. But it would not be the way I would do my next challenge.


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