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August 04, 2010


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Great review Hugh - having had my own iPad to play with for a few weeks now I'd say I agree with pretty well all the points you make.

I think the main frustration for me is perhaps a cultural one - the fact that apple make such a fantastic product and then purposefully cripple it in a number of minor ways that, although not show stoppers, just make life frustrating. Your comments about file format compatability are a case in point - plenty of (even freeware) software can handle MS office properly so I'm sure the mighty apple could have done so if they wished.

Other examples are limitations for accessories - by default the VGA adapter can't display websites and I can't pair my WiFi model with my iPhone for Internet access, yet half an hour on the Internet, a jailbreak and $8 later I can happily do both. With strong competition coming from RIM, Google and Microsoft Apple need to be careful of disenchanting their users with these sorts of restrictions if they hope to maintain their first to market advantage.

The main positive for me though has been the reduction of paper in my life. My desk is no longer surrounded by a pile of carefully stacked dead trees! And never again will I struggle to read a broadsheet copy of the Australian on the bus.

Could we finally be on the road to the mythical paperless office?

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