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November 19, 2008


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Hugh Sheehy


An interesting blog. I'm happy to hear your ideas.

You've raised some questions, so let me address your thoughts in a couple of areas...

(1) We have ways of deploying the service without needing a client. Email info@frog2frog.com and you can get into more detail. In any case, the target market for ad supported services - the MASS market - don't use Blackberrys, and iPhone penetration is still quite low. It sells well, but it's not hugely penetrated into the market yet. Meantime, J2ME works well enough on most Symbian phones...at least for the initial services that we wish to deploy. Symbian offers some nice "Phase 2" features but they're not needed on day 1.
(2) Operators do not need to pay CAPEX for deployment. They often choose to, but they don't need to.
(3) The way that we work, the operator's data remains the operators data, or rather the user's data remains the user's data. The system can use the data to serve ads, but we are VERY serious about NEVER letting any operator or user data go anywhere except where it's supposed to be.
(4) We have several different pricing models, depending on how operators want to work.

Thanks for mentioning us. I hope you met Hans-Peter while you were in Macau!



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