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October 28, 2008


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Hi Hugh, I look up your blog quite regularily, most of it is over my head of course but good to read your last blog on your world tour, bet it's alot more comfortable than the previous ones. Sad to think that Sudan has been in conflict since we left but I don't think it was our fault, but it does amaze me that mobile phones have enabled so many countries to by pass the whole structural costs of buried cables and exchanges. It tickles me that you are part of it all. Happy New Year to you, Sarah and your boys. Regards Guy.

Bryan Sharp

With other companies operating in other territories, meeting the same needs as Dialogue in the UK and AUS, what further does Dialogue need to justify international expansion?

Is it localisation? By localisation I include knowing the country, the people and how to do business natively. I suspect to operate at the right price there will be need to have local interconnects. I imagine in some maturing countries, relationships with power and influence will gain those interconnects.

Is there an international place for being the action behind the transaction, that is the technology enabling the service, taking a slice but allowing a local company dependent on Dialogue operations, to deliver. Other than local hosted/edge kit, perhaps Dialogue would not even need in country presence?

You have already achieved the Australian expansion, perhaps helped/justified by an initial contract, but take that away from the achievement, has the venture been valuable? Where next, USA? I’ll open a Seattle Office ;-).

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